Photo Shoot at Rattlesnake Lake June 12, 2016


On Sunday I joined four lovely CSA members up at Rattlesnake Lake for a fun photo shoot. We had a blast! Tiffany was our main model (she’s pregnant and still climbing stumps in the water) and towards the end her and Aryn’s children stole the spotlight and we couldn’t help but photograph them. They’re so adorable.

 One of the main reasons why I had been looking forward to this outing is because I felt like I needed a break from photographing sports. Don’t get me wrong I love sports (especially soccer) but lately I’ve been feeling uninspired when shooting games. I needed something creative and totally different from what I’m used to.

The other reason I was excited for this meet up is because it was the first time was was going to be able to try out off camera flash (OCF). A couple of weeks ago I took OCF 101 class in the hopes learn more about lighting and to better light my subjects. Since I have decided to go into wedding and portrait photography as a business I thought it’d be best to learn how to better light my subjects. If there is not enough available light in a scene I can create it myself and still deliver top quality photos to my customers.

In this shoot there was very little available light on the subjects. The sun had gone down on the other side of the hill and the area we were shooting was cast in shadows, but we still had a bright background. I used natural light for around 10-15 minutes and then I decided it was time to break out the flash and see what I could get. These are the results from Sunday…


Photo Shoot at Rattlesnake Lake June 12, 2016

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